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What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

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What Can I Buy?

Digital currencies have been around since Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin to the world in 2009. On May 22, 2010, a developer named Laslo Hanyecz made the first purchase spending 10,000 bitcoins to buy two pizzas. At that time, the purchase was worth about $30. At the current price as of mid-2020, this purchase would be worth nearly $94 million. So, what else can I buy with bitcoins? The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin may seem slow, but more businesses are starting to accept bitcoins as a form of payment especially in the e-commerce sector.

  • Other Cryptocurrencies

    If you feel like investing in other cryptocurrencies, you have quite a few to choose from. As of June 10, 2020, CoinMarketCap reports there are 5,563 different cryptocurrencies with a total market cap of $271 billion. Some of the other more popular cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Cordano, and Litecoin. All these can be purchased with bitcoins.

  • Cars

    Want to spend some of your bitcoins on a luxury car? Sites like Bit Cars and De Louvois offer a wide range of high end and rare cars. Everything from Lamborgini to Bentley can be found there but be prepared to spend because these puppies aren’t cheap.

  • Shopping

    Don’t feel like going to the store? Shop online and pay with your bitcoins. Bit Shopping and Overstock carry a wide variety of items ranging from appliances and furniture to clothing and you can pay for it all with your bitcoins.

  • Food

    Bitcoins for burgers? That’s right, Burger King Russia and Burger King Germany announced in September of 2019 that they will start accepting Bitcoin payments through their mobile app. They are not the only ones. KFC in Canada allowed bitcoin payments through Bitpay during a Bitcoin promotion. There are many restaurants and pubs scattered all over the world that are accepting Bitcoin as payment. Just look for the “Bitcoin Accepted Here” sign.

  • Travel

    Wanna get away from it all? Travel agencies seem to be a hot spot for spending bitcoins. A handful of them started accepting bitcoins as payment back in 2011 and now there are many. Sites like Bitcoin Travel offer flights to destinations all over the world along with hotel stays.

  • Gift Cards

    If you like giving gift cards out for Christmas and birthdays, bitrefill is your place. They carry hundreds of different cards ranging from food to shopping and they can all be purchased with bitcoins.

  • Gaming

    Video games and online gaming is one of the biggest industries worldwide. Now, some of the major gaming companies are offering bitcoin payments for gaming hardware and gaming items. Microsoft is now accepting bitcoins to add money to your Microsoft account and I am sure others will soon follow to appeal to the younger generation that makes up the largest group of their customers.

There are countless things you can buy with your bitcoin and it is not as complex as you would think as online merchants have set up easy to use payment systems. We are stepping closer to the general acceptance of bitcoin for everyday purchases and this also lets you be a part of the millions of other bitcoin users that contribute to the adoption of digital currencies.



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