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Finding Info About Crypto

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Finding Information

Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) has been around for a while now so finding information isn’t hard or complicated. What is more challenging is to find reputable information. It can be difficult to determine reputable sources from those with their own hidden agendas, as is the case with [] vs. [] websites. is the original and is heavily aligned with the core development team on most issues. It is a Bitcoin network community website. is owned by Roger Ver and is not a community site, but rather a for-profit business, and heavily leaning to encourage sale and adoption of a forked coin known as Bitcoin Cash. Clearly, the site attempts to capitalize on the Bitcoin core cryptocurrency by confusing newcomers who mistakenly buy the altcoin worth far less in value. This is probably the best example available of why one should be hyper-diligent and do their own research.

Internet Search

A simple Google or Yahoo search for the topic or digital currency that you are interested in will yield a wealth of information. Cryptocurrency news sites like and offer daily news updates from around the cryptocurrency world. However, many simply regurgitate the same news. is a resource on which one can find opinion pieces that provide valuable insights into the crypto market penned by reputable traders, developers, and crypto-enthusiasts. Another good place to start is This website lists the top cryptocurrency sites by topic and popularity, but that can also mean exposure to what other newcomers are hitting vs. what experienced crypto-enthusiasts turn to. That said, you have to start somewhere. The space is vast and complex – and it takes most people a good bit of time to get a handle on all aspects of cryptocurrency, not to mention determine the best practices for buying, selling, trading, securing, etc. is an excellent website that offers a ton of guides, reviews and tutorials for newbies to the space. It is recommended that one start with the basics such as how to get a wallet, open an exchange account, buy and sell cryptocurrency – all of which is covered here in the CryptoSoEz™ Cryptocenter!

Social Media

On platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to name a few, you can find an endless amount of traders and investors that are happy to discuss everything from basic trading to technical analysis. Most of this opinion shared is not worthwhile and can even be very misleading. Tread carefully and find trusted sources that don’t have hidden agendas.

For a small monthly fee, you can join private groups on Discord, Telegram, or Patreon where traders offer more detailed insight on trading and may give buy and sell signals to their members. Again, finding that trusted resource may involve a lot of trial and error.


There are hundreds of creators on YouTube that dedicate their free live streams and videos for those who want to share information or learn.

Tone Vays has one of YouTube’s top crypto information channels with almost daily trading guidance. His channel is usually serious and gives an in-depth look into crypto markets and various trading strategies, including his own. He often has guests on who are also professional traders, analysts, lawyers, and developers that give further opinions regarding the topics at hand.

If you want straight technical analysis with a little fun on the side, Mitch Ray is also one of YouTube’s more popular crypto channels. Mitch gives a lot to the eyes and ears. His channel consists of flashing banners, drinking games, and crazy hats but you should not let that fool you. Like Tone Vays, Mitch offers a wealth of information using strict technical analysis and market research. These are only two of many that have great channels, so look around and find the ones you like.


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